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Integrations are predefined Javascript snippets that can be added to your base.

Due to security concerns, we won't allow custom scripts to be added freely. Please remember to update and link to your privacy policy when using certain integrations.

Available integrations

As of now, the following integrations are available:


  • Fathom Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • HockeyStack Analytics
  • Plausible Analytics

Chat / Messenger

  • Tidio Chat
  • Intercom Messenger
  • JivoChat
  • Crisp Chat
  • Continually
  • Let's Connect
  • HubSpot Chat
  • Missive Chat
  • Noci Chat
  • GooChat


  • Gleap
  • Answerly Banner
Let us know at support@eniston.io or via our feedback board if you need any specific integration added.

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