Here you may change the appearance of your workspace.

You can upload a logo and favicon, as well as pick a theme. You can also change a few pre-defined colors to match your branding. If you know CSS, you can also apply custom styles.

You may also create links that will show in the header and / or footer sections of your workspace. "Header Links" are limited to 3, "Footer Links" are limited to 4. This is a good place to link to your privacy policy or other legal pages. Use the "Header Links" to link back to your website or app.


There are currently two themes available: "Default" and "Documentation". The documentation theme is the one you are currently looking at. An example of the "Default" theme can be seen at Both themes support light and dark mode. A custom logo for dark mode can be set in the "Appearance" settings as well.

When working in the editor, applied styles do not necessarily reflect the way content is shown in the frontend of a workspace.

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