Can I remove the „Powered by eniston“?

Yes. You can remove the backlink at any time in the base settings. To do that, simply go to your base settings ( and scroll down until you see the section "Backlink". There you can toggle that option on or off.

Can I test eniston before I subscribe?

You can try our "Business" plan for 30 days. After your trial has ended, you can subscribe to either our "Plus" or "Business" plan at any time. Once you are ready to subscribe, simply go to the subscription page and select your option.

How can I contact you directly?

The easiest way is to write us an email to Chat with us You may also contact us directly via chat. We speak English and German. Please note that support times vary, depending on your timezone. We are based in Germany, thus in timezone ...

How can I add new bases to my account?

When you are an active subscriber to either the Plus or Business plans, you can create multiple bases within your account. Desktop On desktop, simply click the link "ACTIVE WORKSPACE" to open the workspace switch. From there, you can create a new worksp ...

How to create a new account?

Learn how to create a new account within a few seconds.

Do you track what I do when I'm logged in?

Not at all. We use Fathom Analytics on our website, landingpages and blog. Once you are logged in, no tracking is conducted by us. We also do not track any public or restricted workspaces that are managed by you.

What is Paddle?

Paddle is our payment provider which makes it easier for us to focus on building eniston instead of implementing complex payment methods and handle all the different tax rates across the world. Invoices are issued directly by Paddle, not us. They act as ...