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Can I test eniston before I subscribe?

You can use eniston with limited funtionality (see below) for as long as you like and upgrade to either our Plus or Business plan at any time. Once you are ready to subscribe, simply go to the subscription page and select your option.

What's available in the Basic plan?

✅ 1 Knowledge Base
✅ Up to 2 Categories
✅ 3 Articles per Category
✅ 1 User
✅ yourname.eniston.com domain
❌ Custom CSS
❌ Customer Feedback for Articles
❌ Upload Category Icons
❌ Article Tags
❌ Related Articles
❌ IP Restriction
❌ Themes
❌ Integrations
❌ Password Protection
❌ Team Management
❌ API Access
✅ Basic Support via Email


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