By default, workspaces are accessible via a custom subdomain. You may change this subdomain to anything you like (if available and not blacklisted). This will give you a good starting point for a public-facing workspace.

This default domain is not the domain that has to be used when adding a custom domain. Make sure to check the section below and pay attention to the setup instructions when adding a custom domain.

Custom Domain

You may also use your own domain. This can either be a subdomain to your existing domain, e.g. or a separate top level domain such as

In order to use your own domain, you will need to change the DNS settings with your domain provider. To keep it simple, you only need to create a new CNAME record and link it to your unique identifier. This identifier is assigned to your account upon signup and cannot be changed. The identifier is not your public domain.

Further setup instructions are shown after you set up your custom domain. Your domain will receive a valid SSL certificate after the CNAME record points to the correct endpoint.

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