This is essentially the starting point of your settings. Give your base a name, enable it and you are good to go.


You can set a description for your base. The description will show on your base home page above the article listing.

Posted by / Last updated

You can choose to display the Posted by and/or Last updated info on each article page. You may also disable this info altogether.


Here you can limit the access to your base.

Enable / Disable your base

When your base is disabled, nobody (not even you) can access it.

Restrict by IP address

You may restrict your base by an IP address. As of now, only IPv4 addresses are allowed. You can add multiple IP addresses separated by comma.

Restrict by password

You can restrict your base with a password. Nobody can access your base without entering the correct password. This feature is limited to "Business" plan subscribers only.


This can be useful for public knowledge bases or help centers where you need to know whether articles are helpful to people or not.

Allow article rating

Rating is done by smileys on any article page. You can either disable this altogether, or choose which smileys you would like to show and in which order.

Allow rating feedback

This enables your visitors to leave a written feedback for your articles.


Whenever someone rated an article, you can be notified. This is currently only possible via email, other notification channels will be added in a future update.

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